Washington Funeral Home & Cremation

Washington Funeral Home & Cremation

AnnElizabeth Lauren Repic

Beaver Falls, PA

AnnElizabeth Lauren Repic, 41, passed away on April 7, 2024. She was born in St. Petersburg, Florida.

AnnElizabeth was adopted soon after birth by Edward Barbara Repic. As a young child, she gravitated toward animals always showing love and kindness, and became genuinely fond of horses and cats.

She is survived by her two sons, 9-year-old Ahzrel and 7-year-old Isaiah. A candlelight and memorial service were held on April 19 & 20, 2024 at the Salvation Army in AnnElizabeth’s honor. Pastor Joel Repic (her cousin) officiated the services. AnnElizabeth’s ashes will be scattered by her parents. We thank Washington Funeral Home for their guidance in this difficult time. God is Above you… God is Below you… God is Around you and in your Heart… The Repic Family

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